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Wanna know  how to slap the pitch
right out of guru marketing tactics?

And how to turn your weaknesses into strengths that make your business shine?

Pitch Slapped Logo & Brand-16

I’m April Lewis, expert at creating business growth strategies for online service providers.



I'm Elisabeth Rossman, expert at creating engaging stories that get to the heart of what matters.



And we're the dynamic duo behind
Pitch Slapped Podcast!

Pitch Slapped Logo & Brand-16

Basically, we got fed up. 

What I mean is...

We got sick of hearing that you “have to” do this… or “have to” have that… in order to make money and be a successful online service provider.

If you listen to the gurus, the list of “requirements” is longer than the line of women we'd fight for a chance with Jason Mamoa!

So we called bullshit. And started doing things OUR WAY.


  • We didn’t have a big fancy launch.
  • We didn’t have a massive email list.
  • We didn’t have a large Facebook group.

And we didn’t use ALLLLLLL the most popular, shiny, new tools that they say “You must have”...Because NONE of those things is the ‘miracle’ solution to get results.

You can chase squirrels as much as you want... but you’ll still be left with less than nothing… 

You need results. 

And they've got nothing to do with squeezing yourself into some cookie cutter version of what they say you “must” do - or jumping on the latest bandwagon….

It’s got everything to do with knowing the RIGHT THINGS to do, at the right time….And knowing which things are right FOR YOU in your unique situation.

We'd have girl chats, bitch sessions, brain trust meetings with all our online service provider buddies and they all were having the same issues and fed up with the same things!

And well... one work conference to Chicago and a cabana boy funnel genius session later...

Pitch Slapped Podcast was born…

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